Family Pictures :: Day 113

Baby!!! Look what I found?! I thought I had completely lost the CD. Then as I was rocking Kate to sleep for her afternoon nap, I was looking over at the framed pictures on her dresser, one being of us from this session, and had the thought that I put the disc in the back of the album I made with these photos in it! Genius - they were indeed right there! Yay!

These two pictures are my favorite of all time. Ever. I can't wait to have our engagements done in February, and the fact that we're getting a great photographer makes me even more excited for them!!!

I've had nothing but homecoming, party, and wedding plans on my mind minute after minute, day after day. I'm pretty sure that's all I will be thinking about until that time! I am constantly reassured of the irrevocable love I have for you, and how deeply IN LOVE I am! I love it. And while you're gone, there is an ache where you belong, it will make the return so much better. I will love and appreciate you always.