End of Football Season :: Day 119

It was so nice to have a weekend with not quite so much planned as usual. Or at least I initially thought, I forgot about Alyx's game, but thankully it was later this afternoon, so it worked out well. We started off with cleaning the back yard and I planted my two jasmine trees. I love them! I hope I can do better my gardens and plants and they survive the winter months. I'll be excited to see it all next spring :).

Enjoying the cool September morning doing yard work, and then getting ready for football. We're getting closer and closer to leave!!! By the way, the little bench I got at the antique store is on the front porch, and Kate loves to stand on it now and look over the side.

I love his squished cheeks when his helmet is on! Soooo cute!

We have one more game before the season ends. It's been a great one! I've really enjoyed watching him learn and grow, play and be apart of a team.

Kate occasionally likes intentionally avoid the camera when it's pointed at her from time to time. She was sticking her little belly out, she's too funny sometimes!

Today was the Minors Red first loss of the season (or so I think). But they played so good and were good sports. They played against the Cougars and after hearing their coaches and they way they talk and yell at them, I'm thankful our boys are blessed with encouraging, supportive coaches!

Kate is clearly going through a phase of not wanting pictures taken, she's a bit of a brat!

Alyx: "I'm gonna tackle you!"

While we were in driving through Yelm and Roy, I drove past An Upscale Yard Sales store on the way to the game. I considered stopping on the way back if I felt up to it. I'm glad I did! I scored these new treasures. They weren't super cheap or anything, but still a good deal. 

After making that delicious bruschetta bread this past week, I was wishing I had something to filter the oil I used. Who would've thought I'd find a brand new one! Isn't it cute? It came with the cute little dipping tray also. 

After we settled down once we got home, Alyx and I made these new candle holders! I saw a similar idea on Pinterest, which is what inspired me. We used tuna cans and wooden clothes pins, painted them and voila! Aren't they adorable?!

I can't wait to do these projects with you babe. I know things are going to be so different when you get home, but I imagine it will all be mostly good. I'm counting the days, and I just can't wait! I love you and I miss you so very much. Muah!