Box Canyon :: Day 84

We finally got a chance to head up to the mountain today. It was a Saturday, so while I expected there to be a lot of people, I had no idea it would be as crazy as it was. So instead of going to Paradise like I was hoping, we stumbled upon Box Canyon. With no expectations or idea of what to expect, we just braved it since the signs said it was about a mile. Well, it was a mile straight down and a mile straight up! We sure got our workout in for the day :). 

Our first stop of the day at a rest stop near Paradise. We had lunch and soaked up some sun while we sat within perfect view of Mt Rainier's summit!

See! Traffic is stopped on top of a mountain! Really?!

Alyx on the trek down to Box Canyon and Stevens Creek. Kate and I sitting at the bottom near the waterfall.

Definitely worth the little hike! Beautiful, peaceful, and we had the place to ourselves.

I can't wait until Jeremy is home to do these hikes with us! I'm excited for more adventures and to see more of Washington!