Ready for February :: Day 118

Every Friday at school, Alyx gets to wear his football jersey! This is his first time doing it, as before he was afraid of it being too big. Silly kid. He's getting his hair cut tomorrow, but it's so cute all messy and with missing teeth, I just love his little boy look that is fading all too quickly!!!!

Alyx is the first kid in my family to be apart of organized school sports, and I just love it! I'm not always the best when it comes to doing things for him and making every practice, but I'm getting better! It's so good to see him learn and grow, make friends, and be apart of something outside of the usual. Being a parent can be so challenging, especially when you're temporarily alone for an extended period of time, but Alyx and Kate are the greatest joys in my life. They get me through every day with out Jeremy, and they are everything good in us. I love to see pieces of Jeremy and I in each of them from time to time.

I was hoping for a picture of the two of them together, and this was the best possible with little miss going into her wonderful two's. She's learned what real screaming is like and does it often. Thankfully it's often when she's happy and being a goof with her brother, but it's piercing!

I was kicking back getting some work done on photos. These are my favorite socks :). Hehee.

Jeremy's momma let me use one of her sprinklers that you attach to the hose. I guess I hadn't realized that you could do that, I only kept thinking I needed to get a real one installed. It takes some work moving this around to each section that has plants in it around our front and back yard, but I took breaks throughout the morning and afternoon and got it done. I was so happy to sit at my desk and see it going. Weird? Hehee, I love my gardens :).

Rainbow :). I received a text from Jeremy S today that the nursery at his work had a half off sale and there were two jasmine trees left! He remembered me saying how much I wanted one from the last time Jeremy and I went in to his hardware store. So before I got Alyx from school, I stopped and picked them both up! I was one happy girl!

If the chilly weather wasn't enough to make me happy to welcome fall, momma Koch gave us a pumpkin from her neighbor's garden yesterday! It's a big one. It was funny, because when she called to tell me about it, she told me that it was really heavy and Alyx and I would have to roll it to the car and pick it up together to get it in the car, because it was so big. Hahaa. So I had this built up image in my mind of this giant pumpkin, and when I got there, I quickly saw that it would be something I could manage on my own - and I did. She kept asking if I was sure I could get it, and once I assured her I could, she went running ahead of me to open the side gate and my car door. I just love that little old Korean woman. She's so darn sweet. We talk about gardening and flowers a lot. She gives me a lot and I'm happy that most of the plants she's given me are still doing well. I told her how badly I want to grow roses all over our yard, and she told me how Jerry used to fertilize and water the gardens. I imagined Jeremy doing that and I couldn't help but smile. I don't think that'll ever happen, hahaa. I sure hope to have better success next spring!

Life just isn't the same with out you baby. We all think about you daily and I love and miss you more than I could ever express, which is why I tell you so darn much. Another day closer. I love you.