We Miss You So Much :: Day 72

After a 'rough day at work', our babies and I got some cleaning done at home after running some errands, and then had dinner on the back patio. We made fruit and yogurt smoothies, took baths, and once I rocked Kate to asleep, Alyx and I spent time together roasting some marshmallows and talking. I hate to admit that it's easy to slip into the busy days and forget to slow down and spend one on one time with each kid. Having two amazing little ones, working from home, and Jeremy being overseas, time is really precious and often hard to manage. Prioritizing has a huge new meaning. At the end of the day, all I want is to have Jeremy by my side again. We're looking forward to it, season by season.

Every now and again, and more often these days, when I have my camera out, Kate randomnly starts saying "cheee." I must say, it makes my heart smile :).

Kate LOVES to play peek-a-boo. She said 'cheeee' again, then covered her eyes...

...then she peeks a little bit. Finally uncovers her eyes and she'll laugh like crazy!

We always get a pretty moment of the setting sun in the backyard.

The beautiful flowers my man sent me. I love knowing there are moments when he is only thinking about me. For a few minutes or seconds, I'm all that's on his mind. Somehow, I find comfort in that.

We love and miss you more each day.