Productive! :: Day 67

Last night I made a list of to-do's for today, and well, there was A LOT to do. After a slightly later start than anticipated, we got going and conquered as much as we could! I was quite proud of myself for everything, because sometimes the simplest things with two kids thrown in the mix, turns into a much longer, more difficult process. I got a great head start on the holidays, and Alyx is all ready for school to start in a few weeks! I've decided to come up with some fun, creative ideas to incorporate for his first day. After all, this will be the only time in his life he has a first day of 2nd grade :). 

Today was Alyx's last day in shorts. The boys had to have three days with no pads before they get to wear them, so tomorrow he's full gear! We got a practice jersey from the league, so I was happy to not have to spend any more. I'm pretty sure the sporting goods store knows our faces by now! So many moms keep telling me they have this and that at this store or that one, and all I'm seeing is dollar signs! These kids are going to grow out of all this stuff, and if they get it issued to them, there's no need to go out and by everything brand name. Crazies.

I was better prepared today for miss Kate. Full of snacks, drinks, and play time with mommy :). We ran around, watched Alyx, and shared snacks with strangers - she wasn't being the least bit shy today! I left everything out for her to pick from, so she would swap out one thing for another, drop stuff in my bag, pick up more. Then she would walk over to the woman sitting next to us and give it to her. Hahaa! At one point we were sitting on this little wall (in front of her), and she wanted to stand on it, so I set her back down, then she walked over to the woman, and patted her hand on it as if asking her to pick her up to sit on it since I wouldn't give in. Really?! My goodness this little girl is too smart for her own good!

Alyx played his heart out today. This kid goes faster and harder than all the rest! I wasn't sure what to expect from him, especially against these slightly older kids. Most of those in yellow jersey's are in their second year. He still pushed through.

She was a bit more cranky today than previous days. I think she was just exhausted from the day though. She kept laying her head down everywhere. 

Before we left for practice today, we finished Alyx's cork board, and hung pictures on his and Kate's. He was so happy with it! Kate's room is now complete with her flower night light hung up and all the picture frames filled! Alyx has his board hung up, and after the last major room cleaning, we did some mild reorganizing for it. I'm hoping for more since his room is always a mess. Time to get rid of things! I'm excited to get more updated photos up around the house. When I put Kate to bed tonight, we said "night night" to daddy's picture by her bed and blew him a kiss. 

Of all the women I hang out with who's husbands deploy, there isn't one who isn't shocked at the time Jeremy and I have had to spend, and are still spending apart with his deployments. I'm surprised even when I hear 'how do you do it?' My typical response, 'is there any other choice?' Seriously?!

The coach holding Alyx's bag thingy, kept telling him how good of a job he was doing! His techniques were right on.

Last night while driving home, I heard this commercial on the radio talking about lasting marriages and a few successful things that keep them strong. They read off a small list, some of which included; pet names, quality time together, affection, healthy family relationships, and a few others. I know it was silly, but I was pleased that Jeremy and I fit every single thing they lasted. Cheers to our forever! 

I love and miss you so much. Fall is right around the corner, and I'm setting small points to look forward to and it's helping make time go by, but I can't help but get excited for winter to be here. Once the holidays are over, we'll have mere days!!! I can't wait. I love you so much. Oh! The song Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw came on the radio this evening when I pulled up to the house, and I stayed in the car to listen to it. I love everything about it, and I want to live every day like this. Baby, when you get home, can we go sky diving? And go ice skating for one of our date nights? And hiking? And do all of the things we've been wanting to do?! ...I can't wait. I love you forever!