Pickin' Berries :: Day 76

        I got so frustrated with the lack of organization in my 'office' in the den. I had piles of stuff everywhere and then everything I need to get rid of and sell ends up there also. So after talking to Jeremy about what we can do to fix my frustration, it ended up like this! I am pretty happy with the results, and I'm officially organized! Not to mention, I have a place to sew (once the leather belt comes in and I figure out how to use it exactly), all of my business and crafts are organized in their own little tote. I did good, huh baby?! :) Thanks for helping me!

After Alyx and I picked blackberries at the high school after football practice yesterday, I got really excited to pick more and prepare for our Christmas canning gifts. I'm so thrilled to get started! After checking out the alley today, we found a few good areas and picked all that we could get to! I wish tomorrow wasn't so busy, I want to go to all the places Jeremy told me about to pick more!

I can't believe we got all this for free! We just walked a few houses up from our own home and found all this goodness! They are so delicious too! I'm sad to say that the vacuum sealer didn't work because of all the juice, right after this I had to put them in ziploc bags to freeze. But I'm excited to start the jam making process!

 I love you so much baby. It was music to my ears talking to you today and hearing your voice. And thank you for helping me decide where to plant my new plants :). They look so great! You're amazing through and through. I don't know how I ever got so lucky to find a man like you, but I couldn't be more appreciative day after day! Muah!

There are a few more flowers here now, but this was the start of it. Crocosmia, flame coral, and day lilies - they're a little wilted right now, but so so pretty! I'm really excited to see my plants next spring!