Need A New Car :: Day 88

I taught Kate to sign 'eat' a few days ago, and not only is she proficient in signing it, she also says it. Wow! I am so amazed by her all the time. She attempts to sign the alphabet that her aunt teaches her. Needless to say, I'm going to be learning more so I can continue teaching both of my kids.

This is us right now as we wait for dinner to finish and prepare for Alyx's first day of school. We had the open house today and met his teacher, Miss Humphrey. She's a former high school friend of Jeremy's. As soon as we left that, I went over to the district office and got a volunteer badge so I can be sure to be apart of this school year, and hopefully learn from the other parents (who all happen to be about ten years my senior). I'm excited for this year, I hope it continues on in growth, learning, and success.

This is a video of Kate today learning her alphabet :). Click here.

We love and miss you baby! Always and forever our love. Muah!