Last Day's of Summer :: Day 83

The mornings are getting cooler, and the evenings are getting shorter. Fall is near, and I am so excited for that, because that means winter and Jeremy coming home is that much closer!!! We enjoyed the morning sunlight as we waited for Shelby at her soccer tryouts. She made the team and has an intense year ahead of her. I hope things work out and we see amazing results during her last year of high school! This has been a year of great things.

When my younger brother, Jake, and I were kids, we would play with his hot wheels in the dirt outside together all the time. I smiled and reminisced as I watched Alyx and Kate play the same way. I'm so thankful they have one another!

Our boy will officially be wishing for his two front teeth! They've both fallen out and he's the cutest toothless boy ever!

These past few days, I've made seriously delicious food. I don't know what the deal is, but I hope I can keep it up for Jeremy :). I've been needing to get some BBQ in my life, and enjoy summer while it lasts. As excited as I am for the seasons to change, I know I'll miss this soon!

Kate loves to help, or at least be apart of everything she can! Alyx is the same way, and I love that so much!

I made pretty delicious chicken kabobs along with pinterest-inspired baked tomatoes with provolone, a summer cocktail, and white chocolate chip stuffed raspberries for dessert.

She was loving the kabobs! YUM!

Kate would take a piece off, take a bite, then try to put it back on.

We love and miss you babe. Trying to make the best of time while you're away is often easier said than done, and while it's momentarily enjoyable, I'm always wishing you were here more than anything. I've said it many times before, but I would give any great day with out you for a bad day with you. Any day. I love and miss you always. You're my favorite :). Muah!