Heat Wave :: Day 73

Today was a surprisingly hot day for Washington! It's been nice, but I can't believe how many people complain about it. Eh, can't please everyone. My theory though, is that if you complain about something and wish for its opposite, you can't complain when you get it. Right?! Right.

Kate fed herself yogurt for breakfast! To my surprise, she didn't make a big mess like I expected. Of course, she threw some cheerios in there, but she did good! She even fed herself pineapple on a fork at Nana's at dinner time too!

The heat didn't even get too hot I'd say, stayed in the 80's around Tacoma. On the way to Steilacoom for practice, I heard of numerous brush fires starting, in Tacoma right off I-5, one up north, and then as I was passing Hwy 16, we saw firemen putting one out! I couldn't believe my eyes. Half the hillside was charred and traffic was at a standstill. Hang in there Washington, summer is almost over! 

Alyx is an incredible football player! This is his fourth practice, and his coach was singing praises to him the entire time! At one point, after running through a few plays, Alyx out ran everyone who came after him, and tackled everyone he went after. They pointed him out for the example of 'how it's done'. After the first tackle he did, his coach said, 'Alyx, what is this like your second practice? And you're over here playing like superman! Good job man!'

I think I heard the coach call this 'breaking it'. Well, whatever it is, he called Alyx to do it every time. The first time around, he had to explain what to say and do. Too cute! I love the innocence and the patience of adults for something they know all too well that comes as a first for someone else.


It's really awesome to watch him play. Alyx is serious about his game. I want to teach him more helping and encouraging other players, but otherwise, the kid has skills.

This is Kate's favorite thing to do lately. She presses her head to my legs and then thinks it's hilarious to crawl between.

This is a hard time of day for her to be out for two hours while Alyx practices. It's prime dinner time, bath time, and bed time and there's only so much I can do/bring to entertain her.

She would sit next to me on this partial wall, wrap her arm around my waist, lean her head on me, and sometimes give me a kiss. She's been coming up and giving hugs, kisses, and rubbing my back or arm a lot lately. She'll even rub your arm and say 'niiii' (meaning nice) in her cute little girl voice.

I have the honor of being next to SFC Petry on a regular basis, he's the second living Medal of Honor recipient after SSG Guinta. Our sons attend the same school and play in the same football league. He was having a conversation with a fellow Army veteran this afternoon and I saw him offer a coin as the man began walking away. He isn't the most approachable man, him and his wife have their guard up quite a bit when I've seen them out - considering all they've been through, it's understandable. Still, I often wonder how he feels. I don't really feel like I have much I could say (although I'm sure I could talk his ear off once the moment came), I know his story, but what it must feel like... That has to be incredible. At one point the man he was talking with said, 'You're a living legend. Thank you.'

This picture almost makes me want to be emotional. Look at her! She looks like a little girl ready for school, ready to embark on an adventure all her own. I can hardly stand it! I love that she's so bonded with me, she never goes too far (I hope she's always that way). She'll go only far enough to get a feel of her surroundings, and then she comes right back. I love watching her figure things out, and she is a people watcher already, very observant.

Here she comes!! :)

I thought it was incredibly cute to see all these football players after a two hour practice to be on this hillside picking wild blueberry's (Alyx is on the left).  He ran over to me telling me how much his coach was saying he was proud of him. He's doing a fantastic job. I'm so excited to see where football will take him. He loves it. As soon as he ran down this little hill with his one blueberry, he said he was ready for more football!

Also, my mom was telling me about a conversation she had with her sister about us today. She said that along with other couples our age, we "have an obvious - I hate to use this word - 'chemistry'. There's something about you guys that is unlike anyone else." I couldn't help but just smile :).

I have some videos from today that I'll post on my youtube when I get the chance. I love and miss you so much Jeremy. I often wonder how I was blessed to have such a beautiful life with a beautiful family, and an amazing man by my side. I'm not saying it's perfect, but I'm thankful for all the good and bad times. If it wasn't for the bad, we wouldn't know how to be so thankful now. I hope to always make you a happy man who loves me forever :). xoxo