Handpicked :: Day 82

We picked blackberries and plums from our own tree today. They're so delicious. I can't wait until we do it together next year. I love sharing in these moments with Alyx and Kate too. We've been loving you all day! I hope you can feel it baby. 

Venturing out to pick berries.
I'm amazed at how big she's grown. She can do everything. I love watching her learn, figuring things out, she's so much like us. I love it. I love her. I love Alyx. I love you. I love you so much.

We're walking to the alley by our house, she's holding my hand. I missed the photo op of her looking up at me and smiling me in happy contentment. She's like you in that way.

Some of our neighbors flowers. Aren't they beautiful? I miss having you around to appreciate the little things with me, or at least to appreciate me appreciating them :).

Don't these look great?! I've really grown to love picking my own fruit. I hope I can make good preserves out of it for the holidays this year, and keep some for you to try with me when you get home. I love you forever!

Alyx gets into berry picking. He's pretty serious about what he does. 

Kate got into it too. It's so cute to watch them together. We have the greatest children, I'm so blessed. Thank you for that by the way.

The plums from our tree in the front yard. They're so good! They've just started ripening. I'm going to get the ladder out to pick the rest as they become ready, I don't want to let them go to waste this time.... Plum jam it is!!

Remember the picture of me at Brown's Point in front of the really pretty garden? I took a picture of this beautiful red flower. Crocosmia. I found them for a really great price at Fred Meyer and picked up two and planted them in our yard! They're so beautiful!

The plum tree is weighted down. There's a big limb that's cracked in the middle, but the rest - I'm not sure. It's in the middle of the walkway, the sidewalk, in front of the trash cans. Hopefully once the fruit is gone, it won't stay this way. Until winter comes of course.

We made homemade pizza for dinner. I made my own dough and everything! It was quite good if I do say so :). Kate enjoyed the first batch of pineapples. She's just like you :). 

We got a little excited picking plums, hopefully the ones that aren't ripened enough will still ripen. Blackberries won't once they've been picked, ya know?

Pizza in the making.

Kate would stick her finger in the corn meal on the pizza pan, lick her finger, and go back for more. It was so funny! Then as I grated cheese, she would pick up all the pieces that fell onto the table and eat those too! She gets that from you too!!

I miss you. I miss your love. I miss your kisses. I miss you holding me when I'm in the kitchen, or bugging me in the bathroom. I saw you in the mirror with me, I could feel you. I shouldn't watch my favorite love movies and chick flicks with out you, I get a little emotional, but just in the sense that I can't wait until you're here again, so I can feel it for real. I'm thankful though. I'm thankful to have these feelings, and the memories with you. I just don't want it to ever end. I love you. You've always been my favorite. Just a few more months. Muah!