Great Finds! :: Day 68

 We thought of you every step of the way today! After a rough morning, and wishing more than life itself that I could talk to you, things turned around. Sometimes missing you hurts, and other times, it doesn't seem so bad. I'm thankful ALL of the time though - Always thankful for having you in my life, always thankful for the man you are! 

I went on the hunt today for some things to complete my Hick Party outfit, unfortunately I didn't find anything that would work, but we had fun and found things for you!!! :)


I got the fishing reports for you baby! :)

Sorry for the crappy picture, but I kept going by this Volkswagen. There was a young couple driving, and the car was packed full of stuff. I imagined that was you and me (although we'd be in a BIG truck!). They seemed so free and content. For just the moment I caught a glimpse of them, I imagined their whole story, where they were coming from, where they are going. I'm looking forward to that being us. Want to go on a road trip babe, just the two of us?

After we left the sporting goods stores, we headed home. We got stuck in major traffic, so I drove the back way through Dupont to get home. On the way we ran into a yard sale (next to my favorite house in Steilacoom) and after passing by, I turned around to check it out. There was SO much stuff! I asked the woman if they were moving, she said she just moved in and it's a smaller house, so she has to get rid of things. There were so many antiques, I couldn't believe my eyes! Everything was fairly priced and it was hard to make smart decisions! So we left with only a few things I didn't think I could live with out! 

I found this antique rocking chair for $25! Babe, you know I've been wanting one forever! It's small so it doesn't take up much space. I put it in Kate's room and rocked her to sleep. Next to the moments when she was a newborn baby and we would cuddle and sleep with her on our chests, it was the most relaxing, tender moment I've had with her, and it worked like a charm! I'm not even sure how I've lived with out it. Then I found this cute little shelf for $5! There are a few nicks, but I don't mind, character right?!

I'm not sure what you're going to think about this, but I found these old (pilot's goggles?) for $5. They seemed really neat, and for some reason, I couldn't pass them up. Doesn't it just look like something that should be on display somewhere? 

And then of course, I found these two bottles for $1.75. I have some homemade gift ideas I want to use them for, but now I think I like them too much to give away. Trouble, huh? In the end I got $2.75 off the final purchase price. I was so stoked with my finds, I rushed home. After perusing pinterest lately for homemade gift ideas and ways to give thoughtfully with out breaking the bank, I have some fantastic ideas! So instead of running to Michael's to spend a fortune on things to complete these projects, I'm checking out yard sales, thrift stores, using things around the house, and I even ordered free wall paper samples to make my own decorative envelopes! Yay!

Kate walks around with this teddy bear at random times throughout the day. If you hold it out for her, she'll get super happy and run to it with open arms and a big smile before taking it in a big embrace. 

When we got home, I pulled out the new old rocking chair, and enjoyed the beautiful late afternoon sun for a few moments with our darlings.

Alyx is a pretty good little photographer! He's been a handful lately, but he's doing a great job overall. He's an incredible kid! I know he can't wait for time with dad and to do boy things, but in the mean time, taking pictures with me, and playing football will do!

 I almost forgot, Alyx got to pick out a toy also, a bag of G.I.Joe's for $1 for behaving while out with me today. I didn't look at them too closely, but they're older ones for sure. You would have loved it today babe, I can't wait until you're here for our adventures again. We're finally at two full months of you being in Afghanistan. Doesn't seem right since you've been gone SO much longer than that with training and everything, but time is going by, and I can't wait to see your face! I love you forever and ever and ever. Muah!