First Day of Second Grade :: Day 89

In case you haven't heard me say how much I miss you. I freakin' miss you! I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you. I miss you.
I miss you to the moon and back!

Today is Alyx's first day of second grade. I couldn't be more proud of my boy, but I keep looking over at him and wondering who's kid this is! There's no way I have a child who is almost 8 years old and in second grade! Seriously, where's Ashton Kutcher saying I'm Punk'd?!

We had pancakes and eggs for breakfast. They weren't feeling pictures, but it's not like there was a choice :). We've been planning for the school schedule for about a week now, so they were up pretty easy considering.

Since we got up pretty early to prepare for the day and didn't want to rush, we had some time to spare before we headed out the door. Kate took up coloring and sitting on the stairs. I love her.

And Alyx enjoyed some cartoons :). I love him.

Here we goooooo!

Alyx and some of his best buds, Reese and Aiden. They're in separate classes this year, but I'm sure that won't affect them at all.

Sitting at his new desk for the year! I'm so excited for what he'll learn this year!

Is it cheesy that I like seeing his name all over the school?! I do. I love it!

Waiting for bubba to get out of school! We're so excited to hear about his first day!

Here he comes! By the way, he won't part with this jacket, it's his favorite. He says it's "the fuzzy one" and it's not too hot, but keeps him warm. Hehee. Ok babe.

How can I express how much I love my kids? By giving them the best life I can and teaching them everything I know, I guess. But if there's more - I'll find it, and I'll do it.

We've missed football this week because of our busy schedules (and misplacing the practice jersey). So we took a few photos to show off our boy on his only first day of 2nd grade - Along with his sister and his pup.

Talk about uncooperative at this hour. They were very uncooperative, and only lasted a couple of minutes. Better than nothing :).


Alyx got scratched by Bear and got pretty upset for the moment. As he teared up, Kate got upset too.

I'm glad I got some time with my boy today. I know his daddy would be proud.

Another day down my love. Once day closer. We love you immensely. So much in fact, I'm going to paint you a figurative picture. So, picture this -
A bird flies once a year with a hanky in it's beak over the tallest mountain on earth. Every year he touches the tip of the mountain, that will someday wear down to nothing by the hanky. Imagine how long that will take. Well, that's how much I love you, and miss you, and love you, and miss you.