Evans Creek :: Day 78

We had a rough day, so we decided to head out the door for some pizza. On the way to somewhere, we decided that somewhere would be the mountains. Pizza on the mountain. So that's just what we did. I miss feeling so close to Jeremy, and now that we've established an at home routine with out him, the next best thing is to go to places that mean the most to us. Long Beach and Evans Creek are my favorites. 

The sun came out at home and the weather warmed up, but by the time we hit some altitude the clouds and coolness enveloped us. 

Every time I've been to Evans Creek we only go as far as the snow lets us. I expected some snow, but was surprised when I was able to keep going and going with no snow in sight!

A 19 degree drop!

I had no idea where the road led, but we kept going, anxious of what we would find. After awhile, the sunlight started shining through, and eventually we drove above the clouds! The sky was blue and the sun was so bright! It was incredible!

There's only one spot that had this view. It was the most breathtaking thing I've ever seen. It was almost like a view from a plane. I didn't want to leave this spot. I can't wait to go back with Jeremy!

We finally came to the sign that announced we reached Mowich Lake. I've only ever heard of it before, I couldn't believe we made it! This is literally the end of the very long road. It just stops.

Because I literally just got in the car with the kids and the usual things I leave home with, I wasn't prepared for hiking and thus didn't have the appropriate shoes. We found one good little viewing area of the lake and took advantage of it.

The reflections were beautiful. My camera doesn't do it justice even a little bit.

I wasn't sure what our next step was going to be, but the kids were ready to get out of the car for awhile.

So we walked over to the camping area and found a few little trails. We followed one that would be easy for us to take.

Kate did a great job walking the trail, and Alyx is always the best help with her.

Wildflowers covered all around the walkway. I love them!!

After the first part of the day, this really made everything so much better! 

We found Yogi Bear's cabin (the Mowich Lake ranger's cabin) and his canoe, Alyx and I were stoked!

There was a little water separating the kids from where I was standing and as I was walking back, Kate was reaching out for me. I was playing back with her, my kiddos are too cute!

Kate needed a lift back, she was kissing my head. She is so affectionate and offers kisses all the time.

Then she thought playing with my hair was funny.

Everything was turning gold as the sun was setting.

I could really come here every day if I could.

It's our bridge baby. I always think of the very first time I ever saw it here, although it was really dark. While we were on the journey, my mind was clear and I enjoyed the time away from the city and being with Alyx and Kate. As they fell asleep and I was left to the long journey with just the radio to entertain me, my mind found Jeremy again. 
I love you baby. I hope you're safe while you're traveling around Afghanistan. Don't worry about they kids, they're alright. We think about you everyday and love and miss you more than I could ever fully explain. You're my everything, my favorite. Muah!