Day One Football :: Day 60

Day two of house cleaning began first thing in the morning. It's been awhile since we've purchased new appliances, but we never put our fridge decor back up! We actually had some fun with that :). After that we did some grocery shopping, and while putting food away, we cleaned some more. I also sold the display rack we had forever too! Yay! 

After much anticipation, we headed to Alyx's first football practice! The entire time I couldn't help but think about how Jeremy used to play at this same school, on this same field nearly nine years ago. We often tell one another how we wish we'd met sooner on in life, and this was one of those times. Can we say sexy football players! Mmm :). Everything happens for a reason though, right? Right!  

So, nothing today went as I anticipated during this practice. I had no idea there would be the entire Sentinels football league out here, as well, I didn't even know there were league AND school players, apparently those are two separate ways of playing, that I still don't fully understand.

All players were separated just by groups, not categorized by age, grade, or experience. So the coaches often yelled commands and the new guys found themselves looking around trying to figure out what to do. It was cute watching them though :).

Alyx was the only kid I noticed catch a football during this exercise, I was worried not being able to be apart of any of it or help him in anyway, but he did really great! I couldn't be more pleased with the young man he's becoming!

Alyx has two friends from school playing with him, Reese and Junior. He was so happy to have friends on his team! Talking to Junior's dad, AJ, he mentioned that he didn't think football would be his son's sport. He also answered all of the questions I had since I don't know squat about any of this! I hope that this is something Alyx can continue to do, I think it will be really good for him, and I was so happy to hear him tell me how much he enjoyed it when practice was over.

I actually had him as prepared as I could be, having the necessary gear and clothing, but didn't even think to bring him an extra water bottle (with a straw to drink with the helmet on). After hearing the league coach tell them they couldn't have anything but water on the field, I'll be getting him a water bottle asap!

Alyx and Junior running off after checking in and hydrating. Love my boy!

Kate had fun too! She walked all over, drank tons of Vitamin Water, and ate granola bars. She was loving life!

I was so happy to see Alyx in his element. The kid loves to run, and I can't say I blame him! He did so great for his first day!

After a long two hours of practice, I'm really wondering what on earth Kate and I are going to do while he practices three days a week. That's a long time to stand next to the field trying to spot him amongst the sea of little boys running all over the place. Maybe time to work out?

After all that, kids in bed, and finally able to get ready for bed myself, Jeremy and I got to look at our first actual listing of houses from his realtor, Jeff. It was so exciting going through and looking at what we both like, choosing our favorites and discarding those we didn't care for. Financially this scares the hell out of me, but it's certainly a part of life and I am so very excited for this next adventure!

We love and miss you babe! xoxo