Cute Kids :: Day 69

We have the cutest kids ever. Just saying. 

We went to my momma's today to see her for a little while. The afternoon sunlight was beautiful, so I grabbed my camera and went outside while the kiddos were playing. I'm not sure when this happened, but Kate went from our squishy baby girl to a gorgeous little girl. She's grown so much and she's so smart it's unreal sometimes! She soaks up everything Alyx does and says, sometimes that's a not-so-good thing, but more times than not, it's a great thing! 

Mom got Kate this outfit last December. She finally fits into it! She dressed me in a lot of cute denim outfits like this when I was her age :).

Alyx is serious about his play time, he gets in one heck of a work out! I can't wait until we have a big space to let him run out in with out worrying about traffic or neighbors!

Kate has always loved animals, but she's been afraid of them up until this point. She's been spending a lot more time around Bear in the house, and now that she can stand and walk with out getting run over, she has slowly but surely started reaching out and petting the dogs, and now my mom's cats. She controls her hands well, so she knows how to be 'nice' versus 'ow!'

I love that our kids love books! I hope they always do like me :). Kate loves to bring books off the shelf, and I just loved her pensive face that I spotted just for a moment.

She flips through the pages too :). She even pretends to read now!

We love and miss you baby! xoxo