Cookies :: Day 79

We didn't hit the mountains like initially planned, so we ran errands and came home to bake cookies and bbq hot dogs. I've been feeling lonely a lot lately, so I've been trying to keep myself out of the house and livin' it up as much as I can. Even though there wasn't much to speak for today, I really love being with my babes every day. Summer has been kind to us, I hope to appreciate the last of its days.

This is about how every morning looks, but not for long.

Then it's more like this. FOOD!

And then cookies. I must say that I'm not much of a baker, but it seems like an essential part of childhood, and I hope he remembers these times.

I can't blame him that this is his favorite part :).

I shared my favorite part with my other little favorite :).

We like to mix it up. Keepin' it wild! Hehee. Alyx lost one of his front teeth yesterday, and his left one is dangling loose now! He looks like a little hillbilly.

The finished product. They weren't fantastic or anything, but edible. Score one for mom! (next time we'll buy the bag of cookies). We'll never eat all these!

My new mums are lovely. And the grilled dogs weren't too shabby either. I'm not too bad at this grilling thing, but I would kill for Jeremy's steaks right about now!

My childhood food right here. Hot dog sandwiches when you don't have buns. I think it tasted better when I was little.

She was letting me know she wanted her bib off. I didn't get to it in time, she was too cute to stop taking pictures.

Thanks for letting me know you got to your first destination safely babe. It means the world to me. I really hope this new job is as good as you think it will be. As long as time is going by, that's all I can hope for. I love you forever! Muah!