Boats and Adventure :: Day 65

After looking at another batch of houses, I'm getting more excited and less scared about the whole thing! I want to say I can't wait, but I can - at least until Jeremy gets home! That is, of course, if we don't find the find the PERFECT house. That could be the exception. The idea of being out of the city, and just have space. Lots of space. I'm looking forward to that, and maybe a horse, and bonfires, and no neighbors.

So today I had to mow the lawn, the overcast sky parted and a warm sunshiny day came through. Kate has been running around barefoot, it's so cute!

The apples are getting so big! I can't wait for them and the plums to be done! Mmmm! I hope our new home has fruit trees!

Babe, I can't believe you bought a drift boat. All the way from Afghanistan, and with so much time still left. You're crazy. But. I love you. You're lucky for that. I hope it's everything you wanted. Allan and his wife, Jamie, were super nice. They invited us to stay at their friend's cabin, he rents it out and is next to theirs. Jamie said they can tell us all the places to go fishing in it too! I suppose I'd better get ready for all that :).

Alyx was thrilled of course. I can't wait until you're home for all the excitement, and for you to mow the lawn again too. We miss you. xoxo


After the boat and lawn mowing, I started itching for an adventure. After failed friend invites, I grabbed my sister up, and we out in search of it! It turned out to be a blast! I found a new favorite place too! :)

Our kids have the greatest time no matter where we go, especially in the summer sun and heat!

Aren't these the cutest feet and sandals you've ever seen?!

Alyx makes friends everywhere he goes! He ran around, rode bikes, and played tag the entire time!

Kate struggled to walk on the rocks, but she did her best following after Shelby and I. She loves being by the water!

She got to my sunglasses and after I put them on her, she felt the need to do it herself :).

We had so much fun! The property was so beautiful, and wasn't crowded at all. There were even some nice older gentlemen that pointed out a bald eagle for me to take pictures of. There's a museum also, it used to be the light house keeper's inn, he lived there with his wife, Annie, in the early 1900's. The house was surrounded by beautiful flowers, and was very well maintained. You can tour on Saturdays and is able to rent out for vacation also. Wouldn't that be fun?! Can't wait to take you here baby!