Bath Time :: Day 86

We've been thinking of you so much as we near the end of summer and go into one of our most exciting seasons of family time. We are so looking forward to leave!!!

Kate has quite the little personality these days, and is already entering her two's. I love it though, she's cute, fun, exciting, and learning so much! She speaks sentences, repeats more and more of what she hears, and understands almost everything I say. It's incredible!

She was so cute all wrapped up after bath time!

Alyx has really been missing having a man around. He wants to ride his dirt bike, go fishing, and do whatever it is that guys do. It's really hard for him, and as much as I try to compensate, nothing replaces his dad. Second grade starts next week, I can barely believe summer break is nearly over! It flew by, and normally I'd be less than thrilled, but this time it all means something. One day closer to Jeremy coming home. 

I love and miss you babe. Stay safe. xoxo