Badass :: Day 71

Baby, guess what I did?! I got my concealed pistol license! Yeah, I'm pretty awesome, no big deal though. Hehee. I'm gonna go shoot some shit now! Yeaaaah!


After rolling in from the Hick Party at 2 am, I was able to sleep for a few hours before I was up and off to grab the kiddos from grandma's. It was such a beautiful day that we had lunch at the park before we went home to clean up the house a bit and try to get some things done. It was nice to not have to go anywhere. On the way to the park though, I stopped at the convenience store by our house (across from 7/11) and there was a guy with his hood open. I ran over to ask him if he need a jump, and indeed he did. Thankfully we live so close, I ran and got the jumper cables and got him started. Unfortunately his alternator is going out, so it didn't stay going for long. He had a friend coming to help him though, so it made me feel a little better leaving him after he turned down my offer to give him a ride.

There were so many cute pictures from the park today, but I figure I wouldn't overwhelm this post with them. I kind of have this picture taking problem... :). I'm sure you'll see them on my Facebook once I get caught up with my work photos first!

Love you baby! Muah!