Almost Game Time :: Day 80

Alyx's first game is this Sunday! I'm so nervous for him! Mostly because we have to be in Tumwater by 7:30 for his weigh in. What?! Anyway, he's been getting major compliments from his coaches. They only just started teaching the moves and plays though,  and Alyx didn't know anything about football previous to this. I know he's going to be so great though!!!

He's third in from the right. Black jersey. All the kids in yellow are second year players, and my baby is put in their class and shows 'em up! 

Kate had fun with her snacks and playing on me. She was giving me kisses, sitting in my lap, and falling all over me. She talks so much, it's so amazing what she's able to repeat. I love watching her grow and learn.

I've set Alyx's birthday plans into action! I made a little map of places we'll go, and he's going to have a surprise guest at each place! I've already confirmed three out of four, and looked into each place to make sure my schedule will work! I picked up most all of his gifts today (which isn't much, I'm making him the car book holder, some new chapter books, and coloring books) along with the cake I'm going to make on my own! I'm seriously NEVER this organized or prepared, but I'm turning a new leaf over here! I can't believe myself, hehee! I hope he loves it and it turns out to be an experience he'll love. After struggling to keep his room organized with all his things, I've decided we have enough things, and to make more experiences he'll remember and appreciate. I hope he understands and enjoys it more! I can't wait to start planning Kate's (Jeremy will be home)!!! YAY!!!!

She saw her brother come for his water break and thought that was an opportunity for her to see him. She was a little upset when she got back to me because she couldn't have her bubba.

I think the kid next to him was supposed to be doing push ups, so Alyx just walks over, gets down, and starts doing some! Great motivation kid!

She's pretty tired at this time of the day, I thought she'd fall asleep like she's done before when I take her for a walk around the field, but today she thought it was more funny. She was talking, laughing, and being such a silly girl. Kate really has quite the personality!

Our baby boy has officially lost his 4th tooth and is now missing his front two! He's so cute! I love the ever so slight lisp that he has because of it :).

We love you baby. It's so great getting to hear you're ok while you're traveling. Thank you for always making time to contact me. I love you with all my heart! xoxo