Taste of Tacoma :: Day 29

After going to the Taste of Tacoma yesterday with a few friends, the family wanted to go the next day. We had so much fun eating (sorry babe, they didn't have scones), watching the entertainment, and exploring all the different vendors they offered.

After grabbing some lunch, we sat in the field to eat and watched the live band.

It was so cute when Kate got the bucket of fries, she definitely loves them!

These two polished off the rest of 'em!

She's getting so big, I can't believe my own eyes sometimes!

Once we finally made it over to the games, we decided to get the passport instead of the expensive tickets for rides. I think Alyx had a lot more fun with that! He went through this obstacle course is 51 seconds!

...and then the hamster ball, which he LOVED! Silly kid.

Then some rock climbing, where he nearly made it all the way to the top! Which was quite a big deal since most of the kids couldn't get the hang of it and after three tries had to pass up their turn.

There he goes! It took him a few tries to get the hang of it, but he got himself going.

This is about as far as he made it to the top before losing his footing and coming back down. He did good though and I was so proud of him! Alyx was definitely made for this stuff!

The only event he didn't do was the zip line. This was the final activity of creating his own tile! They had all kids of crafty items to decorate with. Alyx used seashells, sequins, and rocks. He can be quite serious about some things, this was one of them. 

We were all so parched after this that we made a b-line for the exit and got some slurpees and pizza on the way home. After walking around for a few hours in the sunshine, we were ready to relax with a movie. We miss you babe.