Communication and the Lack Thereof :: Day 48

We haven't had a big chance to talk to Jeremy lately, and of course, it makes for frustrating times when we finally get to skype and the connection breaks up really bad. Don't get me wrong though, I love and am thankful for every opportunity, no matter how good or bad it is!

Jeremy is talking to Alyx over skype in this photo. After getting most of the gear figured out, we were trying to make the shirt that guys wear underneath their gear. I walked away for a minute, and when I looked back at Alyx, he was looking like this while Jeremy was explaining how football works. I couldn't stop laughing! :)

Since Alyx starts football in a few weeks, we need to get his gear ready for his first practice. Me being the non-sports enthused person I am, had NO IDEA what to do or where to even begin. Honestly, when I was signing him up for this these things never even crossed my mind! Jeremy played for the Steilacoom Sentinels when he was in high school, so this is more his thing. Over skype, he helped us figure out what everything was, how to put it together, and how to wear it. It was frustrating again because of the break in communication, but in the end, we figured it all out!

Alyx is so excited! He puts on his helmet and shoulder thingys almost everyday :). Jeremy was trying to mentally prepare him for what is to come - since football is a rough contact sport. I hadn't thought of that either, however, since this is going to be a bunch of 2nd graders, I'm not too concerned... YET.

Kate loves shoes already! She goes over to our shoe rack by the front door and tries to put them all on. I missed her putting her foot in my sandal in this picture, but it's too cute - even with half a dozen pair of shoes all over the floor.

 I am loving all of these moments, watching her learn and figure out everything. She's a very smart little girl for being 17 months old (tomorrow!). She might be starting to walk a little late, BUT she can communicate her needs via sign language and now words or small sentences. She tells me when she's all done "All done," says thank you, "tay tu" after I give her something, and she repeats most everything we say like, "how cute," "oh cool," "oh geez," "oh man." Hahaa. It's so cool to watch her growing like this, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it's very bittersweet because I can't exactly capture EVERY adorable moment for Jeremy to see.

Today was an exciting day for us as this is Kate's FIRST day walking ALL DAY long! Alyx and I were so excited and overjoyed to watch her cruising all over the place. She hasn't stopped either! She gets up after she falls down, goes all across the room, and now room to room with out crawling! YAY!