Soccer + Dog Piles :: Day 57

Another nice day in Washington! After a late night, we were taking it easy today. We cleaned up the house and did our usual around-the-house-mama's-gotta-work stuff. So before Katie came over for dinner with her friend Claudia and her son, we had to hit the store for a few things. Once we got home and prepped dinner, we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and played soccer. 

Alyx and Kate helped me make chicken crescents. They're great helpers! 

Kate is trying on my sandals. She even tried walking in them, but they fell off pretty quick. Soooo cute!

Here we played around outside, and while kate can't really kick the ball, she played in the grass and we took lots of breaks to play with her!

I love these baby kisses!

Things are going so great for Jeremy and I and while it's so awesome to enjoy talking to him, it's hard that he isn't here when I want to enjoy these great times with him. We have so many big plans in the making for us. I'm so excited for everything to come! 

We love and miss you babe! xoxo