Slacking :: Day 34

I painfully regret that I've been getting a bit preoccupied with busy days, sick babies, and late nights that I haven't been keeping up with this blog as intended. I had myself in such a routine of working on this once the kids were in bed, but once they got hindered a few times, I kind of lost my schedule of it, so I'll be catching up with it as I get the chance. 

We're finally approaching Jeremy's one month in theater, and I must say that it feels so much longer! After considering the facts, he was in training for 4 months in Alabama, and then one week in Indiana before deploying, so he's been gone for longer than his one month. Unfortunately none of that time counts toward the actual deployment time, which will be an unsightly 13 months long. So, we're looking forward to the new year when he'll be home for leave! :)

Alyx and Kate are enjoying summer break packed with cub scouting events, outdoor activities like hiking, time with friends and family, and working on our home. We've kept ourselves so busy with those things that I was getting behind in work, so I had to change things up a bit to catch up. Then we were faced with schedule and routine changes that we're desperately trying to get back to make things more manageable!

I'd like to say that time is getting easier for us while Jeremy is away, but who am I kidding? There is no 'easier' just more tolerant if you will. Missing him never fades, remembering his presence, touch, and the things that are different when he's home is always around us! We're staying strong though, and we're taking it day by day. One day closer.