Rest and Relaxation :: Day 55

After getting back so late from the beach, I didn't manage much sleep between that time and when Kate woke up. After going through my photos from the day, we played games, cleaned up, and relaxed to some movies. I even made an attempt to make one of Jeremy's dishes for dinner, and while it wasn't nearly as good as his, it was eatable. I can't wait for his cooking again!!! I was also able to talk to him for a few minutes this morning, and what a great start to the day that was! 

After stopping at Marsh's museum, Katie and I found a bunch of trinkets to bring home. After looking through the old pictures in the back of the store, I came across this replication. I was thinking it would be a great birthday gift for my dad! We also have the next care package in mind, and we'll be doing it together for both Jeremy and Carl. Very excited!

Among the few things I picked up, I found a photo album, similar to some I had found at my favorite store in PCB and put photos from our trip in. So imagine my surprise when I found another one with a light house on the front - perfect for Longbeach! You bet I got it and am going to get back in touch with real pictures! I was showing Alyx and pulled them out for him to look at. He loved going through and reliving his little memories. I love having them!

With you babe, we wouldn't have nearly the memories from our amazing life that we do now. No matter how far apart we are, we live and remember every day, and we'll continue to do so until you're here again. I have some snazzy projects up my sleeve, I just need to get myself in gear to do them. Can't wait :). Love you! xoxo