Ranges + BBQ's :: Day 56

Alyx's first time at the range for the gun club's 'Kids Day at the Range'. It was a pretty awesome setup for these kiddos. They shot .22 caliber rifles at paper and then steel knock-down targets. Alyx did really well on the knock-down targets! It was fun experience with the little guy, and thanks to his dad for setting it up all the way from Afghanistan! The best part, is that this looks like it will be a family hobby for us to enjoy!

Alyx was one of 2 out of 8 kids there that hit the bullseye! Look closely at the rabbit! So proud of my baby!

The instructors with the class. The boys were awarded certificates, and a few other memorabilia. Thank you Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club!

After the range, we headed over to Pat and Ashley's place for a BBQ. I was certainly reaffirmed that I am surrounded by great people, who just so happen to be our incredible friends! I can't wait for Jeremy to be home so we can do these things together. We had a great time!

Little miss Kate was really brave, walking all over the place, exploring and having a good time!

While this was supposed to be a 'ladies' image, the guys couldn't help themselves. Pat's shirt was thanks to Duggan from his trip to Florida. Such a thoughtful brother, hahahaa!