My Baby is Walking! :: Day 49

Today is the 'Christmas in July' party at the Peck's house, so Alyx and Kate are going to spend time with their Nana! I've been anxiously awaiting the party, and I really hope it doesn't end up being a bust. I didn't want to forget pictures of my darlings today, so after our morning dance party, I grabbed the camera!

This is day 2 of Kate walking.  I believe it's safe to say that it's OFFICIAL, our girl is a walker now! She's done very little crawling since yesterday!

Every parent adores their child and typically thinks they have great kids... but I must say that my kids are incredible! Not only does the six year age gap in my kids have no affect on their bond with one another, but they are loving and so affectionate. 

Kate is 17 months old today by the way! 

I've only done a little work at my desk today, and did my hair after that, the entire time Alyx sat quietly playing and Kate was walking back and forth between us. Every time she came over to me, she puckered up her cute little lips, gave me a kiss, and occasionally a hug. I've never met a toddler who is so affection with such a darling personality, and she's got a strong one like her dad and I. When she gives hugs, she'll usually rub your back. Alyx calls Kate 'beautiful,' almost as a pet name, and he compliments me all the time! When I get dressed in the morning he tells me how pretty I am or how awesome of a mom I am. Seriously?! Melt my heart!!!

I can't forget to boast about how HAPPY they are too! Along with their incredibly sweet nature, they are both so happy! I'd like to think that my parenting is influential on the way they are, but I almost feel guilty for trying to take any credit for the awesome little people they are. I don't know if I'm simply blessed (which we are), or if they were born with happy genes, or what - but I'm thankful and it seriously fills my heart with so much joy, pride, and love for these two. 

Alyx wasn't feeling picture time as he wanted to keep playing, but I'll take what I can get :).

We love and miss you babe. Stay safe. We're waiting for you, and loving and missing you every second of every day!