Missing Him :: Day 40

Today I ended up catching up on work and resisted all the temptation of fun that was banging on my front door! Success! I got my work done :). So that means there's an adventure just around the corner. I love that Jeremy still gives me places to go visit, just like he did for my 21st birthday gift of 'Places' while he was on his first deployment to Iraq.

So to catch up on the blog, I grabbed my camera after some work and before dinner just in time to catch Kate in her backpack.

Kate and I were upstairs, and when we came down, we couldn't find 'Bubba'. Where oh where could he be?

As Alyx was getting ready to head outside to do some chores, I turned around and saw him in his dad's boots. He begged me wear them! Hahaaa.

I made some darn good spaghetti sauce for dinner tonight! All because I had the best helper in the kitchen :)!

After dinner we headed outside for some sunshine!

Nothing like a dance-a-thon in the front yard before we get ready for bed!