Love You :: Day 59

After getting Alyx's cleats for his first football practice tomorrow, we headed over to my mom's to spend some time with her, and get some school shopping done for the kids. The kids and I had lunch and then headed home to tackle the before school cleaning of their rooms. I must say that I was quite proud of us when we finished! I didn't take out as much from Alyx's room as I thought I would, although we didn't get to complete everything (that will be tomorrow), but Kate went out with 4 full bags! I haven't gotten rid of her clothes since her newborn outfits, so she had quite a bit! Plus, I got rid of her extra bedding, and blankets! I'm hoping to get around the entire house like that!

Today was a pretty nice day with our darlings. Somehow, being productive always makes you feel good. Of course, the overflow is in the den, but not for long. I really want our lives to be cleaned out and clutter free, to make room for all of our big plans, and make the future moving process easier. I can't wait. We love and miss you baby. Muah! xoxo