Fishing and Friends :: Day 53

This little girl really loves her fruit. After a certain amount of time in her high chair, despite how much she's eaten, she lets me know it's time to get out by proudly displaying her food all over the floor. I've been trying hard to break her of this, but that's easier said than done. She has started actually saying, 'all done' from time to time also!

It was sunny and warm today. I'm pretty sure that is our boys' favorite time :).

Today was Kate's first day in sandals, and after our first trip out of the house and back, we switched shoes. Even though the size is right, she's so dainty that things don't always fit right. I can totally relate to that one! I love how Kate is the most perfect, beautiful combination of us.

...and there is her daddy's smile! I hadn't quite noticed that until Janie pointed it out a few days ago on a picture I posted to facebook.

Cutest little feet ever! She's a fast walking, talking, cuddly, sweet baby. 

After running a few errands today, we came home for lunch. I set Kate down on the sidewalk so I could grab a few bags, and when I came back around from the other side of the car, she found her way up to the grass and sat down. I dropped everything to get my camera out!

Later in the afternoon, we headed to Katie's house out in Roy. I love driving through the countryside there, it's so beautiful, open, and quiet with out being so far away! I helped her finish painting, ordered pizza, and then her and Alyx played hide-and-seek followed by soccer while I walked around with Kate taking pictures. We had a great time, and it felt so great to hang out and talk with a friend who understands life, love, and deployments in similar fashions as I do.

I love and miss you baby. I sent out your package today, I can't wait until you get it :)! Muah!