Bubbles :: Day 41

We're having some beautiful, warm sunny days here in Washington. I'm quite thankful for the summer weather, although it's hard sometimes when all I want is to have Jeremy here for our family adventures. Absolutely NOTHING is the same with out him. Sometimes I just want to look up to the heavens and scream, "Whhhhy?!" Heheeee. As we continue to remind ourselves, we have goals - and big ones. In retrospect, this year will be so short a time compared to the rest of our lives, but in all fairness, we've spent quite a bit of time apart because of deployments. I'm thankful that I have a man who is away for a great cause in fighting the big fight for our country, and certainly not because he just wants to be away.

It was the cutest darn thing watching Alyx share his bubbles with Kate and trying to get her to blow them. She tried a few times, and even succeeded a time or two.

Alyx has a newfound love for his pogo stick he got for his birthday last year. He can bounce for hours now that he's figured it out. Five minutes of playing outside with it and he comes in dripping with sweat!

After Janie went off for an evening with the girls, Chris stopped by for dinner and to see the kiddos. He took some adorable pictures of Kate and then I couldn't resist capturing a few of them too!

I hope he'll appreciate these photos of them someday like I do. Times won't always be like this.