Beach, Hiking, Friends :: Day 54

After a long absence from the beach, Katie, Alyx, Kate, and I headed to Longbeach for some much  time on the sand. I don't feel completely myself when I'm away from the ocean, my heart is truly here. Longbeach is our family's home away from home. When Jeremy is here, we go almost monthly. So after going for the first time since we went together, it was a little hard. I was surrounded by memories covered in memories. Every place, everything there is to do, every feeling has my life with Jeremy all over it. It may have been a little bittersweet at times, but thankfully Katie listened to all of my stories and we had a really great time! I'm so thankful to have a friend around who understands. 

My heart was literally filled with so much joy at seeing Kate walk (for the first time) on the beach. This place has so much meaning and sentiment for us, and to see little Jeremy-Rikki run around, touch the sand, run from the water, and have fun really meant the world to me.

I couldn't forget! We have these written in the sand from coast to coast dating back to 2008.

We had so much fun running and playing on the beach! I love that my littles love being here as Jeremy and I do.

The tractor was a first, but so was the soccer ball, and frisbee. It sure was fun! 

After the beach and lunch at our favorite pizza place, we went out for some hiking! We discovered old places, and found new ones. 

Katie is so awesome with my kids, she plays and indulges, climbs and laughs, is patient and understanding. Seriously? How great is that :)!

We hiked to both light houses, and then stumbled upon Fort Canby on our way out, which was pretty awesome. It was full of history, stories, and these two awesome little explorers!

It wasn't the same with out you babe, but we had so much fun, and already have plans for when you and Carl return! Can't wait! Muah!