Almost Football Season :: Day 42

The days are going by, which means ONE DAY CLOSER! At this point, and every moment after this, that is ALL that matters.

I've been getting most of my work done in the morning since the kiddos are so good at playing together and staying occupied for a few hours while I get everything I must finish done in those few crucial hours. As time is available throughout the day, I do everything else I need or want to do. I'm constantly amazed at how incredible my children are. Seriously. Not only is Alyx an incredible big brother, but he is far above his years already. He's every bit of the 7 year old he is, but when it counts, he's a really great mature kid. Doing this temporary solo parenting job, I couldn't be more thankful!

We waited in line a few hours today for Alyx's football gear so he can start the season on August 1st. This kid couldn't be more excited! I'm pretty anxious myself to see what he can do!

"Mom! Mom! You've gotta come check this out!" ...and I come out to find him flexing and admiring his shadow :).

After dinner, we were getting settled for the evening when we decided to get out and enjoy the warm summer night. This trail is across from the Tacoma Waterfront and takes you into a residential area (remember that bridge we found babe? we drove down next to it where we heard water through a thick wooded area, that's where this trail goes). There is more foot traffic than I would've imagined, but people seem to use it as a shortcut more than a nice little hike like we did. Considering we're in the middle of the city though, it was really nice and not crowded at all.

Apparently these streams have baby Salmon in them. There were signs posted to leave nature as it is and not mess with the water.

Hahaa. Yes, I have Alyx's hat on. Don't ask :). 

We finished up the short hike and ran into a beautiful sunset!

Desperate to find a good place to see the sun setting with out going to the crowded waterfront areas, we stumbled across Gateway park next to the Old Town cafe's. There are just a few benches and some beautiful flowers, and is virtually unused. There was only one other couple that came to watch the sunset. We stayed and enjoyed it for a little while, I love this area!

For having my 7 year old taking all the photos of me these days, I can't complain about a little blurriness. I love my kids!

I can't wait until I'm with you again, and you're in these photos with me enjoying all of this time and these places. Life isn't the same with out you, but I'm getting by as best as I can until you're home again, but nothing more. You have nothing to worry about, except for coming home to me as soon as you can. I'll love you forever.