Time Outside :: Day 16

Today was meant to be a relatively busy day, but somehow, it ended up being pretty relaxing. No complaints here though! After a doctor's appointment, grocery shopping, and naps, we did yard work, and dinner on the back patio. For a domestic kind of day, it wasn't too bad. The sun came out and it was warm, not bad for the Pacific Northwest. This spring has been a rainy, cool one, but we luck out with a few beautiful days here and there - and when they come, they are so wonderful! I feel so guilty if we don't get out and enjoy it, even if that means working in the garden :). So that's just what we did!

As hard as time can be as a single parent with two children, it is a treasure, and most rewarding blessing! Some days you feel like you'll never get through it with all your hair still on your head, and other days you wonder how your kids ended up so amazing. Hahaa. Well anyway, today was one of the better days. I've been exhausted lately and trying to figure out how to balance my priorities, finances, business, and rewarding moments for my kids. So I was happy to have two very well behaved children today, and on a day when I needed it no less! 

When I'm doing yard work, Kate doesn't always enjoy sitting on the porch because she refuses to walk on her own, let alone crawl anywhere - with the exception of today when I was working in my garden and was graced with her beautiful presence :). Alyx was helping me dig out some weeds while we enjoyed small talk and taking turns playing with Kate. I'm blessed with days like today, especially after a few difficult ones and when missing Jeremy is at an all time high. 

All in all, I hope he knows how much I (we) miss him, how much we think about him, and how much we love him. We still have a year ahead of us, and while I would never wish for time to fly by, I can't help but hope for his safe, expedient return. I hope he's proud of us and knows that we do our best to make the most of our time, as well, to capture every possible moment to share with him so he doesn't miss a beat. We love you!