Rainier Game :: Day 27

I feel terrible that I've gotten off track with these blog postings and my daily pictures, and since I never know when he's going to be able to see it, I always want it up-to-date. We've been busy with family and friends, home and each other, that time gets away from me and once the kids are finally in bed, I'm exhausted. Plus, I haven't really started to make a dent in the photos I have to complete for work, so I don't always get to the personal ones like I want to. I'll be catching up most of the dates I've missed very soon! 

We received a last minute notice that there would be a Rainier game for the cub and boy scouts to attend. We got ticket offers to go out on the field, enjoy a hot dog, watch the game, and stay the night (if desired). We didn't stay the night, but we stayed until the firework show, which was a lot of fun! This was our second time going to a Rainier game, but it was Kate's first.

Alyx out on the baseball field!

Alyx and his cub scout buddies enjoying the game. What a hype with all these kids! :)

The smallest and cutest Rainier fan!

It's hard to enjoy all these times with out Jeremy here, but we're trying our best to make the most of it. Staying at home on the couch, moping, and watching movies for a year wouldn't be the best use of time, although that's usually how I feel. We almost didn't attend this game, but Alyx had a great time and that usually makes it all worth it! Once this year goes by and Jeremy is home with us, these events and activities will  be so much more enjoyable and our home will be complete. Until then my love... XOXO