Olympia :: Day 23

Today is my mom's 52nd birthday. Since she doesn't get out much, we initially thought about taking a trip to the ocean and enjoy the beach for the day, until we saw the forecast and the only sun was what we were currently experiencing near home. We started to head that way anyway, but decided we would really like to enjoy the outdoors while we could, so we stopped in Olympia instead of going all the way to Ocean Shores. I must say, it turned out spectacularly!

Our first stop was at Washington's capitol building, and the lake next to it. There's a big loop around the lake that people take to, so we enjoyed a nice stroll with a beautiful view.

This quote caught my eye, and I thought that if anyone could understand this, Jeremy could since he's a fisherman who loves being on the water.

The kids had a great time enjoying the sunshine and warm outdoor weather. We wore them out by strolling downtown. It was a fun experience.

After the capitol and downtown, we came across Percival Landing. The waterfront here is much smaller than what we're used to in Tacoma, but this one has a fun playground attached to it!

While Alyx was playing on the modern-day merry-go-round, Kate and I were taking a break. Her long eyelashes are just beautiful!

We left the harbor in search for a place to rest from the sun and walking. We stumbled upon The Bread Peddler on Capitol Way. It was a lovely little cafe with french inspired foods that, despite the name and sound of it on the menu, was actually very delicious.