Mount Rainier :: Day 18

If there's one thing I can say positively about my awesome kids, it's their love of nature. From their first adventure, to the first hike, these two always seem to be down for whatever I can come up with - or in this case, what their Aunt and Uncle can come up with! Chris and Janie invited us on a trip to Mount Rainier. I've only been once before, and there was minimal exploring because of the snow. This time around the snow was cleared off most of the roads, so we were able to go from once side to the other and make an entire day of it! We packed lunches, picnic'd on some benches on the side of the road with a beautiful mountain view, and checked out everything we could find along the way!

Exploring the Grove of Patriarchs, which is translation for seriously huge trees! Of course, they still aren't comparable to the giant Sequoias that are native to California (we visited last summer), but they were quite large. The trees were a few thousand years old and trails were scattered all around and throughout them. 

Now that Kate can "walk," after a while of being in the pack, she gets antsy and wants to exercise her little legs. Chris took to her little hand and she walked almost the entire way back to the beginning of the trail!  

The suspension bridge was well secured, but very unstable. It was fun to cross, but hold on!

It wouldn't be the same with out Alyx climbing! We found a great view point and canyon (with quite a drop!). The main thing on my mind was how much Jeremy would love to see what we're seeing. It's hard to get out and enjoy all the things we love together with out him here. Some days are easier than others to get up and get out, but others are more of a struggle. I'm thankful for the times when I see the enjoyment from Alyx and Kate, they often remind me how important it is to continue living life, all the while thinking about and missing him when the time is right.

I'm always amazed at how beautiful Washington state is, and how close we live to such accessible nature. Jeremy gave me the greatest gift when I started this new journey here, and 'Our Places' was the start to my intrigue and adventure. I love these times we share, whether together or apart. I love you.