The Day He Flies :: Day 6

Jeremy leaves Indiana for the long flight to Kuwait and then Afghanistan today. It's an emotional time for us, but a little bit of relief washes over us as well, as time is now counting down instead of still waiting for time to start. Another day down...

The weekend was fast approaching and while that usually means fun, excitement, rest, and relaxation..., but it meant we would do everything we could to keep our minds distracted. So, we built a makeshift fort in the living room, rented a movie, and enjoyed the night as much as possible.

Kate was so cute giving hugs and rubbing Alyx's back :)

The book Kate is holding is one she got from her doctor visit before last. It has baby expressions on each page. Alyx held the book open and showed her the pouty face, and to our surprise, she made a pouty face! It was so funny! We had her do it a few times, a few times she stuck her tongue out too.

It's easy to fall into a slump of being sad and missing the one you love when they're across the world and communication is incredibly limited. I'm one who this easily happens to. I was feeling so sad, and well, just missing him. The cure for all things? - Adventure! Yep, all I need is a little adventure, something to distract my mind and strike my creativity. After making tents in the living room, eating too much popcorn, and watching a movie, we hopped in the car and headed downtown to see the sunset and maybe find some place new.

We did see an incredible sunset and walked along the harbor in Tacoma, it's so beautiful there. After that, before the sun set too far down, we headed off to find some new places, which we were successful at after some driving around. It's certainly never the same when my best friend isn't with me enjoying and appreciating the world around us. In fact, it kind of made me a little sad, but I was thankful for the beauty the night brought and seeing my kiddos enjoy our adventure as much as I do made my heart smile knowing that they're developing the same love for life. Every bit of time spent from now on until Jeremy comes home will be full of adventure to take him along through the moments we capture, as well as new places to explore when he's home. 

We love you! Hope you've had a safe flight, we can't wait to hear from you!