Harder Days :: Day 5

Today was definitely one of the hardest days I've endured in a while. One of those accident-prone, everything-seems-to-be-happening-at-this-moment kind of days. I'm thankful Jeremy is still in Indiana so at the end of all the trouble, he was able to put peace back in my life with just a few words and all felt right with the world again!

Alyx is on his last full week of school, with just a few days left next week and then it's on to summer and my baby boy has graduated from the first grade! How time flies by like it does, I don't think I'll ever figure out, but I am just amazed at how much he's grown and how far he's come!

Kate loves to color :). As much as I don't want time to go by and I want to savor every bit of time possible, I can't help but be anxious for this next year to pass so that I can be back in the arms of my love again. It's never an easy thing to do, go with out the ones you love through a deployment, but I can't blame him for taking such good care of his family. I'm thankful he's willing to make such a huge sacrifice and suffer through the challenges of being overseas.

Another day down :)