Happy Father's Day :: Day 14

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing, wonderful father's out there, but most especially to my own father, my brothers, grandfathers, and the love of my life. 

Naturally, I wanted to take a few photos of my darlings so Jeremy could see the babies who give him the right to celebrate this day made just for dad's like him. It was later in the evening, and there was excellent light, so I wanted to take advantage of that. Kate on the other hand, had her own agenda...

She was in the process of eating the rest of her dinner and refused to let it go. The above photo is so perfectly Alyx and Kate though - big smile, messy hair, and food. Love it!

Alyx has the greatest smile! I love the happiness that radiates from my kids, it's a blessing through and through.

Of course everyone loves the images where you can get your kids to look at you and smile, and is definitely achievable with one, but with two or more becomes another story. From a photographer's stand point, I can't help but be a little discouraged that Kate didn't cooperate one little bit, but as a mom, I love that I can see the story and exactly how they are.

Oh yes! It was bed time :).

Kate was being a little runaway, as soon as she got out of Alyx's grasps, she took off!

Until her bubba got ahold of her again, and she was happy as can be walking around! For not wanting to walk on her own even though she can, she loves to move!

My sister presented me with this painting of Kate yesterday that she did in her photography class at school. I was so humbled by not only her love of her niece, but also for her time and talent she put into it, just to give it away. The painting was created by editing a photo into a high contrast state, then putting it on a projector to copy the image to the board, and finally painting the image. I just LOVE it! Since Jeremy isn't home to see it, I thought taking a photo that captured the beauty of it all around would be a good way to present it to him from across the world. 

With all our love.