Graduate :: Day 15

After a long, hard road of first grade, our little guy finally did it! He gained an incredible wealth of knowledge and changed so much for the better over this year. I'm so pleased that he goes to a good, small school and had a teacher that was patient and kind. As a parent, I learned a lot over the year about how important it is to be involved in your child's education. I've seen, first hand, the difference in children who's parents are actively involved and present versus parents that aren't or are 'too busy.' I started out as the 'too busy' parent, but after some time I came to realize not only the emotional support you're providing your child, but also the help you're giving one person who is teaching nearly two dozen children, simply by being there, and of course the educational improvement. I feel a pang of guilt for not having learned the importance sooner, but am thankful that I'm not too late. 

I am greatly looking forward to Alyx's next year of school and to learn more ways to be a better involved parent in my sons educational life. Not only is it fun at times, but you get to see where your child will spend a greater amount of their childhood, and the joy that school often brings is unlike any other. I want to be a part of that. 

I'm excited for summer and hope we can plan a lot of exciting events and develop new ways to keep our relationship growing stronger and more involved. I'll keep you posted on our journey's as they unfold, so stay tuned!