Day Out :: Day 28

Today the kiddos stayed with my mom while some friends and I went to the Taste of Tacoma and a movie. It was much needed after a rough week with a sickly baby. Thankfully that's all over, and my darling Kate is back to her happy, normal self! Nevertheless, it was nice to enjoy some time out.

As often as I've been to Point Defiance, I'm not sure that I've ever seen Koi fish in the pond here. We saw three huge ones! Of course, fish make me miss Jeremy even more. It's funny how the smallest, silliest things can remind you of someone and bring back a flood of emotions. Never a day goes by that I don't think about him and am reminded of him in some fashion. At least I know with out a shadow of a doubt that he's my one and only.

I certainly hope that next year Jeremy will be here! Of the past three years I've been to the Taste of Tacoma, only once have I gone with Jeremy. I can't wait for him to be back for all of this!