Day Before Last :: Day 12

Today Alyx had a field day at school, and tomorrow is his last day of first grade!!! Kate and I spent all afternoon with him at school, and had so much fun watching a whole mess of first graders playing games, running around, yelling, laughing, and having such a wonderful time. It's a good feeling as a mom to see your kid (and all the kids) so happy just being in their element. It wasn't just the kids though, I heard so many adults and teachers say they wish there was a Field Day at least once a month!  I concur :).

Alyx told me about this lady who "can make bubbles bigger than you can mom!" for nearly a week! I had no idea what exactly he was talking about until we were outside going from station to station and came up to this one. At first they were just pulling up the hoops to make big bubbles, until one kid had the bright idea to pull it over his head - then ALL of them did just that!

Kate wanted to play with all of the toys that were out for the activities, I had to keep her near me so she didn't get trampled, so we walked around, took pictures, sat in the grass, and watched all the crazies!

The above image is Alyx in his truest form - the kid LOVES to run. He finds any and every reason imaginable to run and play as hard as possible. During certain activities even, he would throw things as far as he could (past the target) just so that he could run up the hill, back down, and up again. The world is truly his playground.

When Jeremy and I were talking about Alyx's field day, he told me the story of when he was a kid at the very same school and participated in a field day too! Jeremy's dad would take him out to the front yard to practice the event activities in preparation - I never would've thought to do that! Hahaa. I love hearing those stories :).

Each year all of the students at Cherrydale Primary School get an opportunity to take some chalk and color out front of the school. This year, Kate got her chance too! She's just getting some practice in :).