Getting Crafty :: Day 11

Yesterday we spent the day at the beach for Alyx's last school field trip. Kate and I stayed the entire time, and she was certainly ready for a nap when all was said and done. Alyx was so cute running around with his friends, playing ball, and building sand castles for hours! I love seeing him so happy, and what a little zoo with a bunch of kindergarten through third graders running around all over the place! You can view those photos here.

Alyx came downstairs after we got home from school wearing his Ninja costume from last Halloween, and decided to wear it all evening :).

We didn't get a chance to go to the Y like we normally do after school, so we got out a roll of paper, paint, and some brushes. We didn't forget the glitter!

Alyx and Kate loved our time enjoying the warm spring evening (which can be rare these days) on our patio. Alyx painted a house, water, fish, and the sun, while Kate helped me paint flowers and add glitter to everything.

Kate does NOT like anything on her hands, so when she does, she immediately raises her hand up to me to wipe it off. Sometimes, however, she'll do it on purpose just so that I can wipe it off after she carefully inspects the mess. After a few times, she got fussy, but kept doing it. Silly girl!

Alyx creating 'colorful waves.'

Growing up happens too fast! We often find ourselves wondering how we got here and why we can't just go run and play outside all day with all the perks of being a grown up. All the responsibility and worries of being an adult can really wear on you after a while, the best cure is to remember being a kid and indulge! Taking care of yourself, enjoying life, and slowing down make everything much more manageable and enjoyable!