Alyx + Kate :: Day 47

We are back from our trip to Alabama and Florida! This is our first day home, and as you can tell, we stayed pretty comfortable and relaxed. It's feels so good to be home, but I miss Jeremy and my family terribly. There are no words to explain how it feels to say goodbye when you know that goodbye's shouldn't be said to those you love the most. When all you want is to hold them closest and to never say more than, "See you later."

I'm so blessed that my children have such amazing grandparents in their lives (which is why it's hard to be so far apart). We had so much fun living life a little slower while we had the chance, enjoying one another, sunny skies, and drag races. 

Even though being a parent can be challenging at times - especially since Kate has started teething again - I never fail to remember how blessed I am at the beautiful gifts God has given me.

Alyx is so sweet and and uplifting, always giving positive words and helping out. Kate is such a smart, darling little girl, loving on those she loves and being so content in her day to day life. The most common attribute between Alyx and Kate, is their ability to always surprise Jeremy and I in the greatest of ways. Whether it be something new they learned or caught on to, or something they do. It's amazing. They're amazing. Life is amazing.