Alyx + Kate :: Day 31

What would life be with out adventure?! Call it what you will, but it's my addiction. I get stir crazy if I don't get up and get out! Having kids and a responsible adult life won't hold me back one bit. I just take it all with me along for a fantastic ride that I hope my kids enjoy as much as I do and can one day look back and have such fond memories of the best experiences with their mom and dad.

When there's water, he's undoubtedly skipping rocks.

After finding the snowy owl, we ventured back toward a little civilization for the last leg of our journey at Ocean Shores. We were beyond blessed with amazing weather - the forecast said rain!

The group. We all agreed this was one of the best weekends any of us could have had! We couldn't have asked for anything more - except to do it again! And of course, for the one person missing in the photo... Until next time! 

The last part of our weekend was to go out on the Jetty, it was so beautiful! I couldn't climb too far out with out risking the safety of my little girl, so we climbed up just a little ways and sat on the tallest rock we could get on to enjoy the view. We were just feet away from the waves crashing into the rocks and the sun shining above. Alyx went along with Luke and Emily to the end of the Jetty where they met a giant wave that cooled them off quickly. The wind picked up and we all caught a chill, so we headed back to town for lunch and goodbyes before we journeyed home.