Alyx + Kate :: Day 29

Our little Easter babies! I could not possibly wait until Easter to show off these two cuties! We've been trying to get a real bunny for our Easter pictures this year, but the weather has been holding us back. I got a little overexcited today about taking their pictures until our plans fell through, so when we got home this afternoon, that's just what we did! Just in case we don't get another opportunity, here are there Easter pictures 2012! We'll be spending our Easter Sunday in Florida with our family this year, and we're hoping for a joyous occasion! So, of course, there will be more 'day of' photos to come for that! Look out Florida, here we come! T-minus 6 days and counting!!!

Merry Easter - May you have a glorious day full of love and grace! xoxo

Kate didn't get any naps today, so while Alyx was looking forward to playing afterward, she was less than thrilled about looking at the camera for me. 

His smile is just irresistible! 

This little bunny was far greater than a real bunny! :)