Alyx + Kate :: Day 30

What a wonderful start to the weekend! The kids, my sister, and a few of our friends went hiking at Quinalt Rainforest! It was truly a magical experience being surround by such beautiful, lush green forest with such a stunning sunlight and warmth, we couldn't have asked for better! We hiked the 4 miles to Quinalt Lake, passing waterfalls, giant trees, and the view at the lake was breathtaking! Alyx loves the outdoors and Kate is always so good (for a one year old, it's quite impressive if I do say so), it's safe to say they've inherited the genes! I'm so thankful they're young, but share a love of something I'm quite passionate about. Nature. 

It never fails that Alyx always find big sticks, branches, or whatever he can to make the trek a little more exciting! Watch out! you never know what he's going to do! :)

We stopped on a little bridge over a beautiful clear water creek with great light here.

The last leg of the hike - Lake Quinalt

We journeyed on from Quinalt to Ocean Shores for the second day of the weekend adventure. As soon as we hit the ocean, I drove as close to the water as I could and ran all the way to the surf! There is no better place than being by the water. The ocean, the beach is my home, where my heart always is. Thank God my babies feel the same way!