Alyx + Kate :: Day 22

Alyx has bi-weekly den meetings as a Tiger Cub Scout. With these meetings, one of them usually includes a 'Go See It' with the den. Last time we journeyed to the Fire Station in Steilacoom, this time we had the opportunity to go in the historical Wagon Shop in Steilacoom! What a beautifully preserved piece of history. 

Alyx talking into an old crank phone. There was another one on the far wall where he was actually able to talk to another cub scout. 

Kate is naturally very curious. 

The boys are sitting in a real historical carriage that has been preserved and kept along with one other at the Wagon Shop. It's so neat seeing this piece of history and no one minded if we all explored, so the boys climbed on in and Buzz, the tour guide, gave them a little 'ride' (he showed them how to jack it up and down as well as move it up and down to simulate a horse galloping and the bumpy ride that would take place).